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Joe Town Media is a full-service national casting company with over 20 years of casting, development and production experience in the unscripted television and digital content/advertising industries. 

About JD Myers

JD Myers is an entertainment executive with 20+ years of industry experience in the television, music and digital/social industries. As an unscripted casting director, talent booker and producer, he has produced and cast projects that have centered around real people, celebrities and everything in between for platforms/networks such as Netflix, Disney+, Discovery+, Bravo, ABC and Fox. He has held talent-focused executive positions at companies such as Leftfield Entertainment (now iTV) and Original Media (now Truly Original), where he ran departments with as many as 25 producers, associates and assistants.

From wealthy shopaholics, aspirational personal trainers and up-and-coming politicos to Midwestern farmers, food-obsessed millennials and house-flipping entrepreneurs, JD has amassed a colorful collection of relationships and has told countless stories from all over the world. He maintains relationships with on-air talent, production execs, talent managers, agents and publicists and has supervised projects from the beginning stages of creative inception to the final stages of on-set shoots.

Fun fact: JD is also a co-founder of a comedy-based social media creator account with 1.3M+ cumulative followers. As the talent lead, he has developed both scripted and unscripted projects for the account and spearheaded the casting and booking of two calendars with Chronicle Publishing and one book with Simon & Schuster.

Another fun fact: JD was once a recording artist who had several recording and management contracts during the TRL-era of pop music, working closely with the people responsible for such acts as *NSYNC and Britney Spears. In 2001, he toured with O-Town as part of their MTV series, Making the Band. A once-embarrassing experience that created endless inside jokes among friends, it not only paved the way to explore the world of unscripted TV but also now serves as the inspiration for the name, Joe Town Media.

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Casting Credits

Casting Credits

Over 55 shows cast across a number of networks and show genres. 



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